Architecture & Facilitation of Change Programmes

Analysis and Assessment: Understanding the starting point as well as the breadth and depth of the change journey through analysis of the existing organisational structure as well as its communication and decision making patterns.

Change Architecture: Individual design of change programmes in close cooperation with the organisation to build a framework that facilitates the appropriate application of change measures and anticipation of change impacts.

Facilitation: Longer term regular reviews together with the organisation of its change process progress and fine tuning of action plans to ensure sustainable change and agility.


Sparring Human Resources & Outsourcing

Human Resources: Analysis of existing HR structures and processes throughout the employee lifecycle with focus on strategic purpose and future viability to improve efficiency and to ensure optimal support of the organisation.

HR Transformation: Evaluation of organisational demands in the HR function and pragmatic proposals for design of a new HR architecture whilst respecting internal customer needs and the business environment.

Outsourcing: Review and challenge to current or planned outsourcing scenarios to deliver insight on individual business requirements and critical success factors for the outsourcing partnership.


Team Development &

Vision and Strategy: Development of successful behavioural patterns in order to manage the fine balance between achievement of strategic goals and the fulfilment of today’s organisational requirements.

Roles and Processes: Generation of smart solutions to successfully integrate historically established structures with newly designed roles and processes.

Cooperation and Leadership: Analysis of collaborative structures and identification of appropriate forms of communication, self-organisation and purpose to operate in an agile and flexible way within the organisation.


Improve innovation capability

Based on empirical success factors we have developed a procedure model that helps improve innovation capability. By means of four perspectives we support companies in the determination of the status quo, the architecture of future innovation processes and their continued development.